The first thought for Sarayo was formed by co-founder Aaron Eastman, while he was dining at a sushi restaurant in the year of 2006. Aaron was so amazed by this creamy and spicy concoction that came with his shrimp and asked the chef for the recipe but was flat out denied after being told it was a secret. Fortunately for Aaron, a few years later he dined at another sushi shop and came across the same sauce as last time. This time around the chef was more than happy to divulge the recipe. Over the course of the next few years, Aaron would tweak and experiment with different recipes and eventually formed the gold standard while also creating some spin off recipes that were simply amazing. Aaron waited years for someone to finally bottle this creamy and spicy sauce so that he didn’t have to make it anymore and the convenience factor would pay for itself…fortunately that day never came.

Finally in November of 2010, Aaron approached his friends James Milller and Justin Doneth about a possible business idea (who wants to invest…possibly you!). After some careful market research and a lot of food and recipe tasting, we found an approach that we wanted to take as we formed Eastmill Products LLC to proudly bring Creamy, Spicy, and Umami to a grocery store near you.