Paprika Parmesan Potatoes!

Paprika Parmesan Potatoes!

Every Sunday morning I get up a couple of hours before my wife, and I know what I need to do to make her morning; a fresh juice and my awesome Paprika, Parmesan, Potatoes (PPP)! This recipe is perfectly finished with Sarayo Original, which brings it’s umami creamy heat(thanks to it’s Sriracha Mayo combo), combining wonderfully with the paprika and parmesan. My wife loves the Sarayo original flavor with PPP, because the creamy mayo carries the flavors’ through the dish.

So, let’s get to it!

Prep- time – 10 minutes

Total cook time – 1 hour

Serves – 2 people, but very easy to scale.

What to use:

  • – 1lb Gold potatoes (Trader Joe’s),
  • – Grated Parmesan & Romano (Trader Joe’s),
  • – All Natural Froniter ground Paprika,
  • – Cooking oil (I use Grapeseed oil),
  • – Sarayo Sauce Original.


How it’s done:

Start by deciding skin on or of for the potatoes (I personally leave them on). Wash the potatoes, then put in a pot of water and bring to a boil for 10 minutes. The longer you boil the potatoes the creamier they will be inside, but are slightly more difficult to work with.

After the boiling, empty water and allow potatoes to cool to the point you won’t burn yourself touching them. Pre-heat your oven to 375 degrees.

Now the potatoes have cooled, quarter the potatoes, and place on a oiled baking tray. Go to town with the parmesan and paprika, there is no such thing as too much (well, not in my book). Place baking tray in pre-heated oven and find a way to entertain yourself for the next 40-45 minutes. Maybe set that french- press up!

Periodically check the potatoes, you want to see that golden skin! The parboiling already did the hard work, so right around 45 minutes the potatoes will be perfect, and my wife will have been drawn to the kitchen by the glorious smell.

Bonus 10 points, fry/boil/poach an egg to go on top, and break the yoke so it coats the potatoes, SO good!