Hello from Sarayo!

Welcome to the Sarayo Sauce blog/recipe area. We know you’re here because you love all things Sarayo, or maybe you haven’t discovered Sarayo and it’s just waiting for you!

Sarayo was born to fulfill a need that it’s creator Aaron Eastman identified. Aaron, along with millions of other Americans, loves going to sushi bars, particularly for the special blend sauces they’d create. However, he wanted to have that same creamy, yet spicy, flavor for his meals at home. After months of tasting, blending, testing and enjoying Aaron was ready to release Sarayo to the world. Sarayo combines 2 of America’s favorite condiments: Sriracha hot sauce (over 10 million bottles sold annually) and mayonnaise (over 13 BILLION tons annually!), as well as select herbs and seasonings.

Now Aaron is sharing his creation with all of America, Sarayo can be found extensively on the west coast in stores such as: Vons, Pavillions, Haggen’s, Albertson’s, Raley’s and many more local grocery stores. Sarayo can also be found on Amazon.com, and many other online stores (like the one here!) so all of America enjoy Sarayo. Coming to shelves in March is Sarayo Sweet, Sarayo’s sweeter cousin! Sarayo sweet is made with honey for all meals that need that Sarayo touch with a sweet kick to complement the umami flavor of Sarayo original.

We want to hear from everyone who loves Sarayo sauce (and we know there are lots of you!). Tell us what you use Sarayo for, send us in a picture or recipe, and you may just see your handiwork displayed for everyone to admire. Join our community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for new product information, updated location information, recipe suggestions, giveaways etc.