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Sarayo Recipes

Sarayo Recipes

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Home of Sarayo Sauce, the “Creamy, Spicy, Umami” condiment and dipping sauce. Sarayo Sauce is a delicious Sriracha and mayonnaise blend, and It is also gluten free! Sarayo is perfect for completing such dishes as: sushi, salads, burritos, tacos, nachos, sandwiches, wings, seafood, hot dogs, burgers, and anything needing a kick of flavor. A dash of Sriracha gives Sarayo it’s light spicy tang, making Sarayo the go-to condiment for so many Americans! Sarayo is great for those who love the unique flavor of Sriracha, the mayonnaise helps distribute it evenly throughout your meal, and carries the spicy goodness longer.

A great aspect of combining 2 such popular condiments so perfectly, and capturing umami, is how versatile Sarayo is. If you have a meal you like to douse in Sriracha hot sauce, Sarayo extends that spicy flavor. If you had a dish you’d use mayonnaise in, allow the umami to complement the meal. Not only has Sarayo managed to bring umami enhanced flavor to all, it has managed this while being low carb and gluten free, so don’t let dietary restrictions restrict your meals, use Sarayo! Now available in 3 delicious flavors: Sarayo original, Sarayo Sweet and Wasabi-Yo!

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